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Results are GROSS base income. Pre tax, without overtime and so on. Currency:

Hello there!

This website is for all vfx artists who seeks a bit of enlightenment in the secret jungle of vfx salaries. Talking and knowing about what is out there is the best way to see if you are compensated fairly for your work or not. Whether you want to see how you are doing, have an interview coming up or suspect being taken advantage of, I hope you can find good use for the information provided here!

How it works

Simply select what describes your situation best with the given selection fields. Once you have done that you can compare your current salary to the data collected through the survey.

The results will give you an idea what the range of salaries for comparable positions is and where you fall into that range. They are treated as GROSS income in the selected countries currency.

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You can help in many ways to keep this website going and improve it further. If you have not already, COMPLETE THE SURVEY! Just click that huge button at the top.

Share this site with everyone you think it is useful for. The more people contribute and know about this, the more precise the results and useful the website will be.
Every vfx artist salary added to the survey will help other artists get a better picture about the vfx industry we are working in.

Donation & Support

If you consider donating because you want to support this website for whatever reason (be it helped you realize your real worth, helped you in an interview or you belive it helps to improve artists positions in the vfx industry), I really appreciate your willingness to help! Since I don't use any advertisement as well, this website is purely built on my own expense, time and effort. A drink or lunch would be welcome any time :)


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